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Surface Studio NYC The FAQ

YES We're Open for Business

We truly regret that due to the uptick in new covid infections we actually cannot accommodate in-person rentals at this time 27 March 2022

Mon - Thurs 8am to 4pm
Friday 7am to 11:30am

Pickups and Returns on the 12th Floor, at the Freight Elevator.
8:00am - 3:45pm // Fridays 7am - 11:15am

Due to consistent inflationary pressures beyond our control, our rental prices were  rised by 5% as of February 1st, 2022. This is reflected as a separate line item on every invoice. 
Inflation Surcharge - as of FEB 1st, 2022

We appreciate you and your understanding!!
 ~ xo Joseph and Mókus

Doing business

  • To start the rental process, make a worksheet of your pulls and email it to us
  • Be sure to include pickup and return dates, shoot location, and job reference
  • We will check availability and get back to you within about two hours
  • You can place a hold while you decide
  • Your phone in landscape mode offers easy access to the entire website, including the worksheet!

The Basics

  • We wrap your order in our custom-made moving sleeves with the velcro tape
  • SHIPPING LABEL is on the front face, this is the side to be most careful with in transit
  • Please LEAVE the label on the sleeve so we know from where/whom it is returning
  • This will also make it easier FOR YOU wrapping if you have multiple surfaces :-)
  • You arrange for the messenger service
  • Freight elevator is open all day - no lunch closure

The Website

  • Items are arranged by size, small to large, and organized both by category and by color
  • Searches by a word will also work ie Planked
  • Remember to look at all pages in a category especially for LARGER surfaces
  • USE the Worksheet, it is your visual checklist and will streamline your job of selecting, editing, and sharing with clients, colleagues and us
  • The worksheet will self-clear when you leave the website or close your browser
  • It is not possible to have multiple worksheets at one time
  • Refresh our web page in your browser once in a while

How to Use the Worksheet

Pricing  | Payment

  • The Rental price posted with each item is for a period of up to and including five business days
    Pick up Monday 1st morning and return Monday 7th morning
  • Extended rentals are prorated at 20% of the original rental fee, per extra day
    Pick up Monday 1st morning and return Tuesday 8th morning ~ one rental  + one extended day. We allow a courtesy return window until 11am before counting the day as an extended rental   
  • Rentals must be payed in full prior to release
  • Payment is by credit card only (Amex, MC, Visa, and Discover)
  • Exchanges made after pickup on the day of rental will incur a 20% charge per item returned
  • Cancellations on confirmed orders that are wrapped and ready to go will be charged a 50% cancellation/restocking fee. In the event we’d lost a rental on any item in that order, the full price will be charged

We do not offer discounts or negotiate pricing for editorials, large rentals or tests or shorter shoots

Repair | Replacement  | Insurance
Renter assumes full responsibility for lost or damaged goods

  • We recommend insuring items at six times the total rental cost for both transportation and on set
  • Repair fees are charged when we must go beyond usual cleaning and maintenance. Such charges are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Damaged items must be returned
  • Replacement fee is for cases of items damaged beyond repair; total replacement fee is set at six times the rental cost on most surfaces.  Replacement fee for marble & stone is set at ten times the rental (because both are difficult and expensive to replace). Items damaged beyond repair must also be returned.
  • Replacement fee is separate from the rental fee
  • We suggest insuring items for the recommended total replacement cost
  • A heads-up from the renter about on-set mishaps is always appreciated!

On-Set Etiquette ~ How to Handle Surfaces and Set Pieces

  • Marble, Stone, Venetian Plaster, Cement and some Woods are ALLERGIC to organic materials:
    • fresh cut fruit
    • plants
    • baked goods
    • raw fish, fowl and meats
    • gorgeous makeup smears
  • Other factors of potential damage are:
    • hours under close up hot lights
    • flame throwing
    • excessive clamping without cushioning
    • heavy handed taping
    • cutting or ironing on surface
    • drilling holes
    • wax gobs
    • dragging props back and forth instead of lifting and placing them

Please use common sense and don't hesitate to ask us about anything. We can guide you to ensure stress-free shooting and happy returns!



A Friendly Refresher and Important Information for New Teams

KEEP the blankets for set pieces and tabletop items in the box they came in, with the rubber bands, when you unpack.

RE-WRAP each set piece/cup/rock back into its individual sleeve AND wrap it with the rubber band. 

This way the items remain safely tucked in their blankets when the boxes are moved and are not broken in transit.

TAPE THE BOX shut. You may be handling top up; no guarantee that the next person will be doing so.

Surfaces:  We send them out in their personal velcro shut sleeves with the SHIPPING LABEL on the front face, ie side to be careful with in transit.  

LEAVE the label on the sleeve so we know from where/whom it is returning. This will also make it easier FOR YOU wrapping if you have multiple surfaces :-)

PULL the sleeve over onto the surface with that label on the sweet side of the surface so you can remind the courier to be careful with that side. 

Pick Up | Transportation | Messenger Services

  • Large (4ft x 6ft and over) and/or Heavy (70 pounds and over) surfaces require professional two-person courier team. Stone, Marble, Cement, Tile and any surfaces weighing 70 pounds or more MUST be handled by a two-person courier team
  • Surfaces will not be released to bike messengers
  • Please be in touch if you need a courier service recommendation
  • Please do not send an inexperienced PA alone to handle stone

We do not  do custom work, sales from our inventory or shipping other than through local couriers door to door (ie not UPS FedEx DHL etc) Why?  Because we make everything here in our West 30th St Studio. Nothing is outsourced so replacing or duplicating is not a simple matter. Crating and shipping is time consuming for us and expensive for you, especially when items are lost or broken


***The rental of any item from Surface Studio constitutes acceptance of our policies and your agreement to indemnify and hold harmless Surface Studio Enterprises NYC, Inc., its agents and employees against any claims of any sort resulting from any activity in connection with the items being rented.***
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27th March 2022

Surface Studio Enterprises NYC, Inc.

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