242 West 30th St. #1202 NYC
Hours: Mon–Thurs 9:00–5:00Fri 8:30–3:00
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(212) 244-6107

Full-Time Studio / Admin Assistant

               Surface Studio, a boutique rental business established in 1996, specializing in handmade surfaces and set pieces for the commercial photography industry in NYC, is seeking a thoughtful, thorough, business minded individual for a full-time Studio/Admin Assistant position
**We are seeking a highly organized, attentive and detail oriented person! If this does not describe you best, please turn back now!**
To get a better idea of our business visit us at our website surfacestudio.com
Our small business is unique and operates within a niche market. The position we are seeking to fill is a major support role in our daily operations.  It provides the foundation for learning our skill-set, leading to promotion and raise.  The ideal individual to fill this position has a diverse set of skills encompassing:
  • Teamwork: Working in a communal studio-style office with 2 to 3 other people on any given day. Ours is an environment where teamwork is everything
  • Communication: Detailed and thorough verbal communication is the key to our success as a business in the day-to-day
  • Good Visual Memory:  to recall where/how inventory is stored, how pieces look, as well as always keeping ‘threads’ of the day tightly woven
  • Organizational Sensibility:  and the ability to adjust to our organized systems as well as identify process gaps and drive solutions
  • Learning:  by listening, watching, paying attention to direction and understanding that every detail gets woven into a finished project/rental/product.  This is different than ‘multitasking’.  It requires focus and thoughtfulness
  • Integrity, Honesty, Discretion:  our space is an artist’s studio evolved into a business.  
We conduct the business in an industry where transparency and trust are everything.  The same is expected of anyone who joins us
  • Actively Engaged at all times: If your feet are here, your head must be as well. Barring an emergency, personal work & social media must be kept to your time not ours i.e. break/lunch/after hours
Studio Skills / Processing:
  • Candidates for this position must be able to lift objects weighing up to 50 lbs.
  • Working on your feet, and being able to transition quickly from office to studio work is important. Surface Studio is a dynamic environment. As part of the job, you will be pulling orders, wrapping, labeling, coordinating with messengers, unwrapping, inspecting, and replacing returned orders. Detailed attention and cross-reference with colleagues at each step is paramount
  • Occasionally cleaning pieces, using simple abrasives, solvents, and cleaners to keep the surfaces pristine for rental.  This is different than Studio cleaning and requires learning proper methods
  • Responsible to keep studio neat and orderly: picking up stray cups, putting away scissors pencils tapes etc. in their proper place.  Keep an eye on refills from packing tape to sugar
  • Maintain studio cleanliness, including vacuuming entire space and cleaning one bathroom, dusting cables, tables and work space. This is as required in between weekly professional cleaner visit
  • Dust and maintain shelves of small inventory risers & set pieces: keeping them clean and all in their proper place on target shelves, correlating them to photos on the website
  • Handle flat surfaces in sizes varying from palm size to 4’x4’ on your own
  • When necessary, studio assistant runs local errands to pick up supplies at hardware/art/paint stores; drops off/picks up work clothes laundry; occasionally helps a client take an order to sidewalk or meets them to bring something back up; picks up lunch; takes things to 3rd floor Annex Studio for website photography, etc.
- Punctual, Reliable, Discrete, Courteous, Curious
- Positive willing-to-help attitude without having to be asked
- Quick to adapt to studio standards 
- Ability to transition from sitting to standing work
- MUST be able to lift objects weighing up to 50 lbs
- Fluent in English & numerate
- Have current working papers/visa/passport
- Minimum three years full time work experience, more preferred. 
- Experience as personal assistant business or private, on-set still life/tabletop styling, prop rentals, film production, art, advertising, public relations, management are a plus, as is a college/university degree
You will be working closely with both the Founder/Creator and his Co-Owner/President of Surface Studio daily, as well as a First Studio Assistant for the beginning period of employment.  Bonus points if you have Google patience, Mac savviness, a smattering of simple Photoshop, a delight in numbers and file keeping, etc.
Want more?  We do!  After an introductory period learning the daily basics, move on, with a raise, to also encompass full admin duties:
First Studio/Admin Assistant, work with President in all aspects of day-to-day: phone and email, with clients, assist on promotion/social media work, update client database and generally doing what it takes to enhance and grow the business while maintaining the stability of its day-to-day workings.  In which case all of the previous job details will continue to apply and the following will be taken into account:
Administrative Skills:
  • Detail oriented individual who can be extremely thorough, granular even, and stay organized and efficient at all times. Our reputation is highly regarded, and even ‘small’ errors on orders and processing can delay photoshoots, and disrupt clients and messengers
  • Proficiency and efficiency with computers, specifically: Gmail, Chrome, Google Drive, Dropbox, Excel/Sheets, Mac and iOS
  • Must be able to write clear, short and concise emails addressed to busy, sometimes distracted people who are under stressful deadlines and budgets
  • Give good phone: every call dealt with a smile, courtesy and kindness
  • Gmail: The majority of communication with clients and ordering takes place on Gmail. We mostly use Google Drive and Dropbox to share worksheets and notes between computers, as well as photographs for the website
  • Excel/Sheets:  Able to maintain complex spreadsheets, for example, a master editorial billing list 
  • Assist President in any admin duties as required:  maintain & update contacts/database; filing digital and paper files; scanning/naming/filing expense receipts; review and reconcile images & description on website
  • Quickbooks, Photoshop, Capture One, Squarespace, these are bonuses. Not required, but candidates with experience in some or all of these programs will be considered first
Compensation & Hours:
Starting pay $20/hour on payroll for introductory period (taxes are withheld and paid, you receive a W2 at the end of the year; Disability and Workers’ Compensation Insurance as mandated by NYC/NYS Labor Laws).
Hours:  Monday - Thursday 8:30 - 5:30 with one hour off not paid for lunch/personal
Friday 8:30 - 3:30 with lunch in the studio paid half-hour/paid lunch 
Total paid work week 39 hours
We are closed 
- between Christmas and New Year (usually from December 23rd 3:30pm to January 2nd 8:30am depending on the calendar that year)
- Thanksgiving - four day weekend (Wednesday 3:30 pm to Monday 8:30 am)
- Memorial Day & Labor Day - three day weekend (Friday 3:30 pm to Tuesday 8:30 am)
- Fourth of July closed all day, and if possible we make the bridge for a long weekend!
Miscellaneous Details:
Paid test period of two days to a week
Our studio is located West 30th St @ 8th Ave on the 12th floor with natural light and sky view
We operate a quiet and safe work environment
No cigarettes, no e-cigarettes, no febreze
If interested please send:
  • Resume 
  • Two references
  • A personal cover note including where you saw the job listing and any questions!
  • Your Name and Studio/Admin in the subject line